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How can I help? 

Individual Therapy

I provide both short and long-term psychotherapy for clients looking to generate positive change in their lives and foster a greater sense of well being.


Whether you are feeling depressed, anxious, grief-stricken, or just overwhelmed by the constant demands of everyday life, we’ll be able to define and attain your goals in counseling. Together, we will address feelings and identify thought-patterns with an eye towards changing behavior and mind-set in a positive way.


We’ll help you lean in to a happier and more productive life.


Our relationships are often the centerpieces of our lives. While they can bring us much joy, they can also be difficult and frustrating. Common complaints about partner relationships include power struggles, misunderstandings, and having the same fight over and over again. All of these problems can seem impossible to solve.

I’ll work with you and your partner to develop a new, healthier approach to your relationship. We will seek to understand the deeper emotional meaning of your arguments and identify constructive ways for both of you to have your needs met.


I practice Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a therapy model for couples validated by over 20 years of empirical research. In fact, 70-75% of couples recover from distress and almost 90% show significant improvement in their relationships after engaging in this form of couples therapy.


We’ll collaborate in a respectful process to improve your relationship.

Story is Power Workshop

Story is Power is a storytelling workshop that explores new ways of telling your story.  We focus on the power you have in yourself to write your own story, to become the heroine, and not a sidekick or a peripheral character, in your own narrative. In the process of crafting your story, you will discover your inner strength and courage and become the best possible you.


Also, I speak nationally on topics which include the power of story, equality for women, creativity, and community building. Some of the institutions I have presented for include: New York University, Wix Lounge, LMHQ, WeWork, Lean In Regional Leader's Conference and the U.S. State Department.

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